Personal Core & Pelvic Floor Recovery Fitness Workshops For Moms!

Class Description:
Workshops include personal assessments, alignment evaluation and introduction to Mutu System, which is based on 12 modules. Each Module includes a Core Connect Workout, Intensive Workout(which are LOW impact) and a Cool Down & Stretch. Mutu is about learning the importance of relaxing, releasing, aligning and connecting the muscle before engaging, contracting, working and strengthening them. Mutu also teaches women to nurture their bodies into good health, not battle them.
Class Instructor: Janell Fullmer – Certified Mutu Pro
Is This For Me?
If you are experiencing any leaking, pressure, bulging or disconnect in your abdomen or pelvic floor or know you are experiencing prolapse or diastasis recti, this workshop/program has been shown to improve these symptoms in 90% of women.
My Story
     I have always been an active person and involved in dance my whole life. After my pregnancies I was quick to get back into shape once my doctor gave me the, “good to go”! However, after my 7th baby I struggled to re-connect my core and then had twins soon after the 7th pregnancy. In the beginning of the last trimester of my pregnancy with the twins, the upper section of my linea alba started to tear, which required me to need to sleep sitting upright for the last 2 months my pregnancy. I waited my 6 weeks of recovery time from a C-Section and started back into mild exercise and then transitioned into intense abdominal workouts to “fix” my body. Little did I realize I was causing more damage! My doctor was supportive in offering a tummy tuck to repair the damage, but that meant 6 more weeks of down time and not being able to lift my little ones again, plus another expensive surgery. Through an internet search for better solutions, Mutu System was discovered!
     My journey through Mutu System was at first slow and sporadic, but as I committed myself, I started to see the results I was longing for! My mind was again connecting to muscles that had been disconnected. I became passionate about teaching others about the program before certifications were even available. Now I’m excited to continue to help moms & women re-connect to their bodies in a positive and safe way! If you have had multiple pregnancies, prolapse or leaking, this program is so healing, helpful and positive for women!

Required Class Equipment:
  • Mutu System Kit Bag
  • *Yoga Mat(not included in Mutu System Kit Bag)(extras available for use)
  • Medium-Heavy Resistance Band
  • Medium-Heavy Resistance Loop
  • Small Exercise Ball
  • Exercise Strap(extras available for use)
  • *Pillow or Blanket for bolstering head, neck & shoulders(not included in Mutu System Kit Bag)
(Class Limit: 12 Attendees – must Pre-Register! Email: info@voguedanceco for registration info)

Pre-Requisites & Prices
  • Personal Workshop – $24(Venmo @Janell-Fullmer)
  • MUTU System Purchase
  • Mutu Kitbag