Clogging I (5-8 Year Olds)

Class Schedule
Class Days and Times (Meets once a week)
Tuesdays 4:30-5:00p.m.
Single Class: $25/month
Combined with another class: $20/month
Estimated costume pricing is $55 including tights.
Clogging Shoes($45) are required for this class. 
Fake curly hair piece($28) is recommended for this class.

Class Description
Students learn 1-2 routines.
Students have the opportunity to perform at 1 dance showcase, 1 recital, other optional events as presented to us such as assisted living centers, community events as well as 1 optional dance competition.
Class Terminology
Chugs- Drag Back, Slide Forward with feet together while sliding forward and back.
Heel Steps- Heel only touches the floor slightly out in front of the body.
Heel Lift – Touch Heel to the floor then leg with knee bent to a 90 degree angle.
Scuff Ups- Step sweeping the heel from the floor with Right foot then the Left foot.
Rock Steps- Put all weight on the ball of the foot heel doesn’t touch the floor.
Double Step- Toe Brushes floor two times. Change to other foot.
Single Basic – Double Step Rock Step
Double Basic- 2 Double Step then Rock Steps
Triple- 3 Double then step Rock steps